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Updated: 2 days ago

Hi All!

We all know that cooking is often about being precise, especially for measuring out ingredients, cooking times and temperatures.

Cooking works out best when we pay attention to the ingredients used and take care to follow the steps in the recipe and make sure food is cooked to perfection.

Overcooking or forgetting about seasoning are common mistakes. Are you making these mistakes too? We have a great range of cooking classes at Greenwich Pantry in South London to help you with your cooking skills. Why not try one of our Bread Making workshops or even a knife skills class to really improve your cooking?

What do you find really challenging when cooking?

"My hardest challenge is to make good muffins... As you can see below they never rise enough..."

This was a comment we had in the Greenwich Pantry group on Facebook.

Please feel free to check out our page anytime and add your comments, tips and recipes, we really enjoy reading your comments and look forward to hearing from all of you in our Community, everyone is very welcome!

If you do have any advice for this flat muffin situation, please leave your comments below!

Baked Muffin

For anyone looking for Cooking Classes, check the Greenwich Pantry ones.

It would be great to see you there soon!

Life is for cooking.


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